A New Look on Disney

Ride photos in your hand!

Ride photos in your hand!

Disney… Princesses…pink… and Glitter…. EVERYWHERE and I do mean EVERYWHERE. However- I feel like its a right of passage for everyone. Including this family of two boys. This is a quick look at the things we experienced and my notes for future Disney goers.

1. MemoryMaker- SO WORTH THE MONEY! For under $200 you can have all the photos you have taken and they sync with your Magic band/disney account automatically. Not only does that mean that no one has to sit out (Mommy photographers are now in the photos!), this includes Ride photos and stock photos! Perfect for those photo books!

2. Dining Plan- there are 5 different options. Which ever plan you decide on just know that these are money savers! Also a tip- Alternate sit down meals between Lunches and Dinners. Days when you want to see fireworks and/or a late show schedule a dinner. For days at earlier parks- reserve lunch. Also- look into dinner shows at the Resorts. Many resorts offer great restaurants and shows open to everyone! The Polynesian Resort has a wonderful Fire show!

3. Cabs- Seriously take cabs. When you stand waiting for the every 20 minute bus- sometimes kids get to be a handful (I know right? No Patience). Call a Cab… I still have the number memorized 407-422-2222

4. Fast Passes- Download the APP! This is a new feature at Disney (selecting fast passes and updating). This app still had a few bugs when we were there; however it was great when it fully worked. Tip- make sure you have control over everyones accounts to add everyone to the fast pass. Also- watch the Wait times on rides (Available thru the app). There were a couple of times when a ride that we had a fast pass for had a short wait time. (under 20 minutes) When that happened while we waited in line I switched out that fast pass for a new one!

5. Take your time- sure you can cram everything in and see/do everything. Plan ahead and pick out your family’s must dos/wants. Then relax. You will never see everything; and if you do… I am sure it was a death march with Darth Vater behind you.

6. Experiences- The Pirates League. This. Is. A. Must! Not only for boys (Girls can be pirates or mermaids) this is absolutely wonderful as it includes theatrical make-up, outfit (Costs extra but hello Halloween 2015!), pirate names and more! A wonderful experience that the boys loved! An added bonus- the boys took part first thing in the morning. For the rest of the day- these two boys were asked to pose for photos with other Disney goers and a few characters!

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Karie Greathouse

Karie Greathouse

I am a true Uptown Mamma! I am a wife, a mother to two growing boys (Alexander and Nicholas), a four legged boy (Buster), a four legged Girl (Piper) and I own a Real Estate Company in Uptown Charlotte. Needless to say- this household is always on the go!