Family Trip to Asheville

IMG_5230I am unapologetic about my obsession with Asheville. Only two hours from Charlotte, Asheville boasts some of the best restaurants and breweries around and it just keeps growing! So when my husband decided to plan a getaway, I was delighted that he chose one of my favorite places. And while we would have loved to make it a trip for two, we decided to take the kids along as well.

We took the kids to all of our favorite haunts like the Grove Arcade, a gorgeous bunch of stores in an old building where we walked around and looked at amazing things in the stores. There was a store called Bath Junkie that we simply MUST get here in Charlotte. LOVED it. They mix these luxurious bath products with a combination of over 100 scents that you can chose from. The people working at the store insisted that the boys try things and smell things and to my great shock, they loved it too.

My kids are enamored by artists and we were able to hit my favorite spot in Asheville, The River Arts District. We walked up and down that block, checking out the various artist showcaing their work. The boys were able to watch glass being blown and painters working on their easels. Searching local artists’ work has to be one of my favorite things in the world, so it’s fantastic to be able to watch our children enjoy it! We bought an amazing piece from one of the artists and very nearly bought a gorgeous piece from one of the galleries. The boys picked out prints for their rooms.

We stayed at the marvelous Residences at Biltmore. They are unbelievable little condos/hotels that make you feel like you live there and allow you to have a two bedroom condo complete with kitchen. Gorgeous. Check them out. We laid around in our pajamas, robes and slippers like we were fat cats and watched movies.

IMG_5234We had brunch reservations at the Corner Kitchen, one of my favorite restaurants in the world. For the love of everything holy, go to brunch at the Corner Kitchen! Have the Breakfast Bennies and the crab soup. You’ll thank me. In fact, have dinner and brunch there! We then hiked up this spectacular mountain in the town on Montreat. If you have the chance to go, you must! There is a small lake, a waterfall and you can watch the river coming down for most of the hike. The boys loved it and it was a nice workout as well!

It was far more than I could have ever expected. It was truly magical and I loved every minute. We had the kind of talks that you only have on trips like that. We fell in love with a house and we decided that we are not moving anywhere until we build the house of our dreams.

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Kelly Yale

Kelly Yale

Kelly Yale has written for many parenting websites and wrote a weekly column for Charlotte Parent called “Diva Mom” for many years. Kelly created Modern Parent in social media several years ago and is excited to relaunch a new Modern Parent website. When she isn’t working as the Marketing Director for a mortgage company, she plays wife to Matt and mom to Ryan & Josh in Charlotte, North Carolina.