Bistro la Bon, Mimosas and Chocolate Waffles!

10868262_915720331784920_2946441678902855887_nBistro la Bon

Plaza Midwood |
TEL. 704.333.4646

Wed – Fri: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Mon – Sat: 5:00pm – 12:00pm
Sat – Sun: 10:00am – 2:30pm

Interesting Facts for Newbies: Super cool vibe! Comfortable and open. Absolutely loved the ambiance. A friend and I headed down the street from purchasing uber fun clothes and we were hungry…..and thirsty. We landed there during the later part of Sunday brunch. From the perspective of an almost 40 human, it was a younger crowd.

Food Rating Scale of 1-5: Based on two items alone, totally a 5

Quality of Food
Rating: 5. Flaw. Less.

Their assortment of food rocked. I don’t think I ate until dinner the next night. I typically steer clear of buffets. But, this isn’t just any buffet. First of all, many of the items are brought TO you. I think I know why. They don’t really want you to consume your body weight in the most amazing, scrumptious, PMS emergency drive to Bistro la Bon worthy, chocolate waffles! I make my girls chocolate waffles from time to time, but clearly I skimp of all things delicious and I’m sure fat full because I secretly wanted about 8 more servings. I refrained and just had the ¼ the waiter brought my way. My friend opted for eggs and bacon which also are brought to you. I’m sure they were good. I don’t even think I asked. The buffet called. Other options were eggs benedict but the belly needed room for the spread ‘o yummies that awaited my exploration at the buffet table. Other memorable items: (the mimosa is a given, right?) Jalepeno mac and cheese. Oh, the short ribs (you’re supposed to have three portions, right? Buffet plates are small!) They also had an assortment of breads, cheeses, salmon, and delish salads. Then there’s a pasty section that awaits full of magical little sugar treats. Try the lemon ones if not all of the assortment.

Availability & Promptness: We didn’t have a reservation. We were seated promptly. Service once we were seated was rather intermittent (never really a fan when the waiter can see my water class only has ice, but doesn’t fill it up). But, hey, luckily it was a buffet so I was in control of most of the service components.
Rating: 3

1794536_946242948732658_8833649509630109405_nAesthetics & Cleanliness: Zero complaints. And, the first thing I search for is the rating. So, if I’m writing about the restaurant, they have an A!
Rating: 4

Courtesy & Professionalism: MEH. It was okay.

Rating: 3

No major issues but nothing spectacular. I just drink a ton of water and really don’t like having an empty water glass (but my mimosa was delish and quite refreshing!)

Value & Affordability: I mean, it’s brunch for a rock star! Worth every penny if you’re a good eater.
Rating: 4.5

Kid friendly?: Oops, actually was out without my two girls so didn’t pay that a whole lot of attention. I didn’t notice many children there, but if jalapeno mac and cheese is their thing, they might love it.

Overall Experience
Rating: 4.7

Notes, from their website: Website not updated that often, but who has time, they’re cooking all of that amazing food! They provide a sampling of what might be offered for brunch, but not sure if it changes every week.

Recommendations: Go. Go hungry. Don’t go on a diet day or if you plan to weigh yourself within the next week. Go for brunch.

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Tara Perrotta Goodfellow

Tara Perrotta Goodfellow

Growing up in Florida, I ventured way up north to the Charlotte area for college. As an undergrad at Belmont Abbey, I met my husband who grew up in upstate New, after college, we hunkered on down in Charlotte. That was well more than a decade ago. After several years in the land 'o corporate America, I retired with sweet 2 and 4 year old girls. Since then, I've launched a career consulting and life coaching firm, Athena Consultants. My girls are now 7 and 9, attend an awesome charter school, and all 3 of us are ninjas! That's right, goal is to earn my black belt by the time I'm forty (2016!) My husband travels a great deal so we embrace breakfast for dinner often and slumber party nights.