Do you suffer from SC?

609_3414207(1)Ladies- Do you suffer from SC? Does someone you know suffer from SC? I am sure that yourself or someone you know suffers from SC. Do you even know what SC is? Let me paint the picture:

You are at the gym. Working out like its your job. Sweaty, stinky and its time to work those outer thighs. You get on the machine and start rocking and rolling. Then you look in the mirror (Because there are mirrors everywhere) and you see it… the sweat stain. Which Sweat stain am I talking about? No not the armpits, not the lower back, not the chest/tummy. Oh no much worse… what I have named the Swamp Crotch sweat stain. There it is… for all to see!

I love working out. I have battled the “Baby Weight” and lost it. I continue to push myself and work hard. I am a sweater. I SWEAT! The sweat streams down my body on a daily basis. I am not one of those ladies who can go to the gym with make up on… it would end up on my toes! Seriously I sweat that much. I’m the girl that comes home from a run or the gym and it is a “Do not pass go, do not collect $200″ go straight to the shower type of person. Jimmy, my husband, can vouch for this. Not only do I sweat; I stink! There are times when I come home and the only stop I can make before a shower is to throw the wet and stinky clothes straight into the washer. It is that bad. In my workout routine the SC is inevitable. In trying to combat SC I have fallen in love with so many athletic gear companies (Athleta, Fabletics, Lululemon, etc) and yet one thing I have not concurred… the Swamp Crotch.

I have tried finding underwear… nope. Still SC

I have tried different yoga pants… Some luck. Prints… stick to the prints. Everything else does not work. You must stay away from solids… everything looks like you have pee’d your pants. Now if you are lucky you can wear shorts… those work. However if you are like me, my thighs rub together and without any Anti Monkey Butt powder – I would be in some pain. So I wear capris. and battle with SC every workout. Barre class never looked so ugly!

622_3257284(1)Here is what I have learned once I realized/admitted to myself that I suffer from SC:
1. Long tanks are a must if wearing solid colors. You can pull down the tank to cover the area.
2. Always test out new pants. I find this helpful to do on one of my short runs. I can always tell when SC is visible…. thank you men (not all but a some of you). Your glances help me determine the amount of SC by the quick look-away! So thank you men.
3. Do leg exercises first. That way by the time you get SC forming you are onto arms, chest and back!
4. in cooler/colder weather carry a sweatshirt or zip up jacket. The shirt/jacket can be used to carry in front of the SC (Just like a teenage boy and a trapper Keeper)
5. Except it, embrace it, be proud! You are working so hard that you can say you sweated off your balls… if you had them.

Now outside of working out I have found Anti Monkey Butt Powder. Earlier I mentioned that my thighs can rub. It’s a fact of life- my thighs rub; if even just a little it really sucks. Anti Monkey Butt Powder is my hero! Never wear a skirt/dress without it!

Swamp Crotch is a thing. I think as women we should embrace all the nastiness that happens while working out. Men have it so gentle in the gym, i.e. loose fitting clothing, and well… loose fitting clothing. Plus the fact that it is normal that they get sweaty. Now it is our turn. Be sweaty and be proud!

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Karie Greathouse

Karie Greathouse

I am a true Uptown Mamma! I am a wife, a mother to two growing boys (Alexander and Nicholas), a four legged boy (Buster), a four legged Girl (Piper) and I own a Real Estate Company in Uptown Charlotte. Needless to say- this household is always on the go!