Fail To Plan, Plan to Fail

430_3172095I know, we all hate to hear that right! But the truth is when it comes to food there’s no better way to put it. If we don’t plan ahead, most likely we’ll fail at reaching our goals.  How often have you come home from a crazy day (yes, every single day of your life) and reached for the first thing you see.  We all have, and do, and will continue to repeat this behavior, probably forever.  This is where the planning saves us from ourselves.  Meal planning literally can make you or break you.  Imagine walking in from your crazy day to find prepackaged snacks galore, a dinner already prepared for you and your family waiting to be reheated.  How often would you then choose to stop on your way home for fast food or grab the cookies out of the pantry because it’s easy? It’s much easier to resist the urge to cheat when you know you have prepared foods waiting on you.  Plus, you put the work into making all that stuff, you certainly aren’t letting it go to waste.

successAbout a year ago my family and I switched over to a clean eating lifestyle.  It was definitely rough at first, and it took some time before I realized the importance of meal planning and prepping in advance for the week to come.  Not only for myself and my girls but for my husband as well.  It seems overwhelming in the beginning but gets easier with each passing week, trust me!  As a fitness trainer and wellness coach I have at least a few people a week ask me about food and what to cook, what to snack on.  While I’m not a chef nor an expert on nutrition, I do know what works for my family.  The key is to keep it simple.  Don’t think about grand, extravagant meals…  tends to make it far more difficult.  Don’t think of this as a diet.  This is a new way of living, of ensuring you feel your very best every day from the inside out.  That’s not to say there’s no cheating ever aloud.  Everyone deserves to treat themselves, but you’ll find that the more you stick to your new lifestyle the less you crave those things that aren’t necessarily good for our bodies.

Down to the nitty gritty, regardless of what I cook for our weekly dinners, there are a few staples I prepare every single week without fail.  These serve as our snacks, breakfasts on the go, and lunches.  Protein muffins, mixed berry salad, grilled chicken breasts, boiled eggs, roasted veggies (sweet potatoes are my fave), and a dark greens salad. While these may not be your top choices for staples, the key here is to pick whole foods you and your family enjoy eating and have them available at all times and you have taken yourself one step closer to accomplishing your personal goals. Plan to succeed.  Plan to take control of how you feel day in and out.


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