#GimmeFive Challenge

430_3172095In honor of the fifth anniversary of the LET’S MOVE campaign, Michelle Obama has issued a new challenge … #GimmeFive. Not only does she want to see high-fives trending to celebrate people making healthy choices but she is challenging all of us to come up with FIVE things we can do to make ourselves and our families healthier.

Have you started a home garden? Are you drinking more water? Have you dropped the sugar sweetened beverages and sodas from the shopping list? High-fives all around!

Are your kids eating fruit instead of sweet or salty snacks after school? Are you taking an evening walk as a family or maybe just playing in the yard before bed? High-fives to you and you and you.

In the spirit of the #GIMMEFIVE challenge, I accept! Here are the five things I will be tackling at Camp Brighton this spring …

1. Get outside after school. Whether it’s for a quick walk around the block with the baby or bedtime stories on the outdoor swing, I will try to get all of us some fresh air before bed. The fresh air helps me calm down after a busy day and the kids always seem to sleep better if they’ve spent some time outdoors before their heads hit the pillows.

2. Water only at restaurants. Somehow, these little people have worn me down… we don’t eat out much but when we do they have tricked me into letting them get lemonade or sprite. Enough. Water only. With lemon if they’re feeling fancy.

3. Build a new garden. Our backyard garden was bulldozed under during a construction project and I let two other small gardens go a little wild. This spring, I will build a new backyard garden, close to the house for easy access and small enough so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming for us to take care of.

4. Nix the nighttime snacking. During the first few sleepless weeks with Baby K, I would arm myself for the evening with a glass of water, a remote control, and a bar of dark chocolate. Since the baby is sleeping much, much better, I really have no excuse for my nighttime snacking. I will save my love of dark chocolate for the daylight hours.

5.  Eat more meals sitting down. Eating while standing up isn’t setting a great example for my children and I’m not really paying attention to what I’m eating. I will make more of an effort to sit down and enjoy the food and my children’s conversation.

So, #gimmefive! What are you doing to live a healthier life with your family this spring?

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Erin Brighton

Erin Brighton

Mom to 5. Passion for food. Preferably local & delicious. Director of the Char Meck Food Policy Council. Food blogger. Summer Bostonian.