Great Wolf Lodge

Twice… Two times we have ventured to Great Wolf lodge. And both times have been AWESOME! Our boys LOVE GWL! and to tell the truth my husband, Jimmy, and I both LOVE GWL. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it a crazy, loud experience? Yes. Is it worth the money? Yes! Double YES! This place has something for everyone. Water rides for all, food, great rooms and games for all! From bowling, to arcade, to Magiquest and more. GWL is a perfect quick getaway.

567_4243820Here is how we do GWL. Groupon/Living social. This is a great way to save cash. Most times these deals include dates that coincide with School days off. Also, you can find coupons for things at Great Wolf Lodge like the arcade, spa and magi quest/shadow quest games.
What we love about this place and tips:
1. It’s close to home (No long distance car rides/plane trips
2. Themed rooms- the boys love this!
3. Walkie Talkies- these are great (Not a must but awesome to have) the kids can run around the resort and never leave. It is great! As parents you can set up shop and relax while the kids play and tire themselves out!
4. Wine/beer… do I need to say anything more?
5. Planned Activities and late hours for the activities

After 2 visits, the first being a one night stay and the second being a two night stay- two nights is the way to go! Either way, I will say that the GWL is a must do on a family vacation list! It is truly a great quick get away and the kids will thank you for it! Especially if you don’t tell the kids until you pull up to the lodge!

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Karie Greathouse

Karie Greathouse

I am a true Uptown Mamma! I am a wife, a mother to two growing boys (Alexander and Nicholas), a four legged boy (Buster), a four legged Girl (Piper) and I own a Real Estate Company in Uptown Charlotte. Needless to say- this household is always on the go!