Meet Modern Dad, Matt Harris

10842304_10204432623728275_1379945616963962446_oWhen he isn’t co-hosting the wildly popular Matt & Ramona Show on 107.9, Matt Harris is the father of two girls and husband to wife, Amy. When he isn’t making people laugh on the air, he finding joy in the little things like having his nails painted by one of his girls. Learn more about this Charlotte treasure below!

  • In what city were you born? Doylestown; PA
  • How many siblings do you have? 2
  • Where do you fall in the birth order? Oldest
  • What does it say next to your senior high school yearbook picture? Nothing, because I was invisible.
  • Where did you go to college? Lock Have University, PA
  • What cities have you lived in? Johnstown, PA, Ocean City, MD, Columbus, OH VA Beach, VA, Charlotte & Ft Mill
  • Have you ever been in a car accident? Yes, but only some light poles and walls were injured in the crash.
  • How many candles will your blow out on your birthday cake this year? A lot
  • How did you meet your spouse? She bartended and I drank.
  • Where did you get married? Columbus, OH
  • How long did you wait to have kids?  Heck, we dated for 10 years before we got married then we waited another 3 before we had a baby. She’s a patient woman.
  • Did you find out the sex of your babies? Yes
  • How did you feel when you saw your first child? I thought she looked like a boiled chicken
  • 10628208_10152535815487886_4577680227085193953_nWhat traits do you see of yourself in your children? Fortunately, they mostly take after their mom.  But, they are both goofy like me, and whine like me.
  • Where do you love to vacation as a family? Charleston. My family lives there.
  • When do you find time for yourself? After the kids go to bed and I block out my wife
  • What is the greatest lesson your father taught you? Treat everyone with respect.
  • Do you work? If so, what do you do? Afternoon co-host The Matt and Ramona Show 3-7 107.9 WLNK
  • What living person do you most admire? It’s corny but the two women in my life. My wife, Amy, and my radio partner Ramona Holloway. They both work hard (Amy at being a Mom, and Mona at making our show great everyday) they both make me laugh, and both love me  in spite of me being me.
  • What is the moment each day where you find a little peace for yourself? Spacing in front of the TV after kids are tossed in to bed, and drinking my first adult drink.
  • What do you consider your greatest accomplishment thus far in life? I have had a great career that (hopefully)allows me to brighten listeners day by making them laugh or putting a smile on their face.
  • What makes you a modern parent? I think the Modern dad, with girls, isn’t afraid to have their nails painted or get on the floor and play with Barbies, or have discussions about subjects that in the past were only between the mother and daughter.
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Kelly Yale

Kelly Yale

Kelly Yale has written for many parenting websites and wrote a weekly column for Charlotte Parent called “Diva Mom” for many years. Kelly created Modern Parent in social media several years ago and is excited to relaunch a new Modern Parent website. When she isn’t working as the Marketing Director for a mortgage company, she plays wife to Matt and mom to Ryan & Josh in Charlotte, North Carolina.