Mommy Morning Beauty | 5 things even your daycare teachers want to see

609_3483609I don’t know about you, but with my son’s daycare, I have to walk him in. I don’t have a pull through where I can just drive up in PJs and fuzzy slippers to a teacher who will get him out and walk him in.  Some mornings I would pay money for this and I assure you it would make me less late more often!

There’s not a morning that I go into my son’s school with an empty face.  Now, I’m not camera ready each morning but I do make an effort.  Why?  (1) Because I’m a little self conscious of my naked face but more importantly (2) because I respect his teachers and my own personal image…which as a small business owner just so happens to roll over into my professional life.  You never know who you’ll meet or run in to.

430_3151371Here are 5 super simple makeup tips that I feel like every mom can do within 3 minutes before heading out the door for drop-offs:

  1. Brush your teeth.  This may seem like a given but you never know.  Let’s all brush our teeth and make sure that if we do get into a convo with someone it isn’t scary.
  2. Wash your face.  Don’t go running into school with eyeliner, mascara, and who knows what else all smeared on your face from the night before.  Just take a quick sec and grab a makeup remover towelette  and you’ll be surprised at how much fresher and groomed you feel. This will also help keep your pores clean and prevent less breakouts.  If you’re really rushed for time and have a longer drive, you could always drop these in your purse and wipe away the smears on your drive in.
  3. Mascara. It’s the wonder of all makeup wonders!  A few quick swipes of that wand will open your tired eyes in a jiffy.
  4. BB Cream. Another 10 second application that will leave you looking refreshed, moisturized, and even provides a light coverage for blemishes. Goes on smooth and just like facial lotion and most offer a dewey glow.
  5. Lipstick/Gloss.  Even if a tinted balm is your style rather than true lipstick, it’s better than nothing.  Especially in the winter elements, it helps your lips from cracking and looking old. A little tinted lip goes a long way.

I think having done the 5 above things each morning before rushing out the door, you’ll just feel better.  Who’s to say you’re not a single mom who walks into the school to find the hottest single dad that just moved to the area.  You can’t be looking a hot mess!


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Heather Bryson

Heather Bryson

Wife. Mom. BFF. Event Planner. Hair/Makeup Artist. Grew up Southern Baptist. Married a Catholic. Now we're non denoms for the most part and our faith is strong. Loved our dogs until our son was born. Now they're just dogs. Obsessed with anything on Bravo and HGTV. Very much a DIY'er. Sale connoisseur. Makeup and beauty junkie. Sarcasm is my love language. I could communicate solely with emoticons and hashtags. The best secret keeper you'll ever meet. Love traveling. Love wine and champagne more. Laughing is great, but making others laugh is even better.