No Nuts

A little Rant…

I love living in Charlotte. I love even more living in Uptown and being so close to so many different grocery stores and farmers markets. More so the Farmers markets than the grocery stores (I truly am a Harris Teeter gal.) I know, I know. Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc. everyone gets all excited about these stores. And I would too. But I can’t. My oldest has a severe Nut allergy (Epipen severe). As much as I would love to shop at these fine stores I can’t.

nonutsHere are three reasons why…
Open containers- hello cross contamination!
Food processed on same machinery! (Nuts on the machines!)
Many times even the items made in store the store does not guarantee that the items have not been in contact with items made or having nuts.
Because of these items I shop at mainly farmers markets (Where I can talk to the farmers) and Harris Teeter. I am a Harris Teeter gal. I can shop and if I see a brand that is completely nut free, Harris Teeter has always tried to start carrying that brand. Other stores were not so nice and they looked at me like I was crazy. Perhaps I am just a bit off my rocker. Now this is not an article on how stores should cater to everyone (That would be insane) I’m thinking of a new store. Charlotte would be a great launching market. The store should be called No Nuts. Carry brands that are nut free/contamination free! The store could create partnerships with some of the local farmers markets (There are so many wonderful ones… 3 close to me 7th street public market, Atherton Market and Kings Street!) No Nuts could also work with local bakeries and food companies (Hello Neese!!! Love me some sausage!)

So just a thought. If anyone wants to start a new little grocery store here is your idea!

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Karie Greathouse

Karie Greathouse

I am a true Uptown Mamma! I am a wife, a mother to two growing boys (Alexander and Nicholas), a four legged boy (Buster), a four legged Girl (Piper) and I own a Real Estate Company in Uptown Charlotte. Needless to say- this household is always on the go!