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Alyce Aiken

About Alyce Aiken

Alyce Aiken is the mother of a charming, rambunctious five year old boy. When she is not taking care of him, she teaches English to her other 91 kids! Originally from Ohio, she has called Charlotte home for nine years now. She loves food, live music, red wine, good books and bad television.

Kelly Baeslach

About Kelly Baeslach

I am the mother of three energetic children. I married my husband for better and worse, and have definitely had both. I figure that everything good in life you have to work for and the same goes for marriage and family. I love to channel Martha Stewart, but sometimes the ADD kicks in and you can figure out the rest.

Sherri Bain

About Sherri Bain

Happy slave to my family. I have two girls (ages 10 and 12) and a 22 year-old stepson. Married 14 years to the most honorable man I've ever known. I enjoy reading, running, kayaking and the Bravo channel. I've worked in a local newsroom, an upscale hotel and an investment firm to name a few. I live in the outskirts of Charlotte where a horse named Hank hangs out in our backyard at dusk. I moved from Philadelphia, PA to Charlotte in 1989 when I was 21. Best decision ever.

Erin Brighton

About Erin Brighton

Mom to 5. Passion for food. Preferably local & delicious. Director of the Char Meck Food Policy Council. Food blogger. Summer Bostonian.

Heather Bryson

About Heather Bryson

Wife. Mom. BFF. Event Planner. Hair/Makeup Artist. Grew up Southern Baptist. Married a Catholic. Now we're non denoms for the most part and our faith is strong. Loved our dogs until our son was born. Now they're just dogs. Obsessed with anything on Bravo and HGTV. Very much a DIY'er. Sale connoisseur. Makeup and beauty junkie. Sarcasm is my love language. I could communicate solely with emoticons and hashtags. The best secret keeper you'll ever meet. Love traveling. Love wine and champagne more. Laughing is great, but making others laugh is even better.

Rebecca Chasteen

About Rebecca Chasteen

Becca Chasteen is a writer, coffee lover, and mental health professional. She lives with her husband and two children in a small town on the outskirts of Charlotte.

Bill Diskin

About Bill Diskin

Bill Diskin is Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Cannon School in Concord, NC.

Kelley Fluharty

About Kelley Fluharty

Hi everyone! I'm a 40-something single mom, Army veteran, sweet southern girl, college football lover (Roll Tide!), small business owner and advocate for many. I'm originally from Alabama, but have lived all over the eastern US and parts of Europe. I have 2 grown daughters, one teenage son and two gorgeous grandsons. I've recently started a Virtual Assistant business where I offer administrative services to small business owners. My son and I have lived in Charlotte, NC for almost 4 years, and we love it here.

Tara Perrotta Goodfellow

About Tara Perrotta Goodfellow

mom of two girls that still think I'm cool and funny. ninja. life coach. career consultant. trying to venture out of my 28105 zip code more often. approaching 40. already bought my midlife crisis car. In Charlotte area since 1994. Florida girl. Boots or flops always are appropriate. Belief: Everyone deserves to reach and live out her potential!

Karie Greathouse

About Karie Greathouse

Wife, Mother of two busy boys (9yrs old and 8 yrs old), Realtor, owner of a company and a true Uptown Mamma! Karie keeps this busy family going and moving in the right direction mainly from her Kitchen! The Kitchen in her home is truly the Heart of the House!

Lianne Hofer

About Lianne Hofer

Lianne is enthusiastic about life as a mother, writer, teacher, speaker and many other roles! As the Owner of The Clutter Consultant, Lianne is passionate about reducing or removing the stresss that our stuff brings to us. She loves the puzzle of how to make it fit and asking questions of why we keep it. Growing up with clutter, she is sensitive to her clients attachments to their stuff!

Lauren Karpf

About Lauren Karpf

Lauren Karpf is the kind of girl who in the nineties couldn’t figure out how to tight roll her jeans or tease her bangs high. She tried to embrace her individuality but instead embraced NY pizza. Now 20 years later, with a husband and two kids she’s still trying to figure it all out. Lauren writes about the realities of being a mom, friend and wife; because everyone knows life deserves a Five Second Rule too.

Melissa McAtee

About Melissa McAtee

I'm a single mom of 2 originally from the Midwest. How many people can you say that you know from the Town of Normal? I have one son, age 14 and one daughter, age 17. I'm also engaged to be married in June, 2015. We also have 2 furbabies, Tinkerbella Pixiedust, a 9 pound Chin-Tzu, and Jack Sparrow, our rescue Boxer.

Sara McKinney

About Sara McKinney

Bored and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Sara moved to Charlotte in August 2009 with her family. She considers her primary job and greatest joy being a mother to her son Ethan. Sara also owns Gingerstate Realty Group, a residential real estate company in Charlotte. Sara is an outspoken advocate for divorced and single parents and take pride in using her business to help those in need. She enjoys traveling, writing and attending Charlotte Hornets, Carolina Panthers games and supporting her beloved alma mater the University of Louisville Cardinals. She is also a proud graduate from the University of Louisville with degree in Psychology.

Kate Meier

About Kate Meier

I'm Kate. My hair is always in a ponytail and I know most shows on PBS Kids by heart. My house nor my two kids are ever really clean. Writing is my catharsis and currently my meal ticket. I found my first gray hair recently and attribute it to sleepless nights and the constant fear of screwing up my 4-year-old and 21-month-old children.

Asheley Ramseur

About Asheley Ramseur

Believer. Wife and Mama to a full house. Blogger with poor grammar. Lover of cheeseburgers and strong coffee. Sinner seeking Grace. Native Charlottean. #aspywarrior

Kelly Smith

About Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith was born and raised in the Hudson Valley in NY and has called Union County NC her home since 2006. She is a mom of four kids (23,19,16 & 7). For the past 2+ years, she has been the caretaker of her mom who has Alzheimer's disease. Married for over 20 years, Kelly now finds her way navigating life as a single mom. Kelly is one of the original Modern Parent writers and looks forward to sharing her journey through life.

Erica M Stewart

About Erica M Stewart

My name is Erica. I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan and currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I originally moved down to the Carolina's, as my husband was in the Army. Once out, we decided to relocate here as oppose to going back to the harsh winters in the mid-west. I am a full-time wife and mother, part-time administrative assistant, chef, housekeeper, taxi driver, you name it, I probably have a title for it. :)

Jenny Stoner

About Jenny Stoner

Born & raised in south Georgia, Jenny has called Charlotte home since 1997. By day, Jenny is part of the Stoner Venable Team at Fairway Independent Mortgage; delivering "Mortgages with a Personal Touch" to clients all over NC, SC, & GA. By night, she's a loving wife to her husband Mark and mom to their son Nathan as well as active volunteer and leader in her church in Weddington. Jenny loves all things girly! Hair, nails, spas, shopping! In her free time she loves to entertain and pour into the lives of those around her. She's a connector and loves to foster relationships with everyone she meets! If she goes missing; check the beach! She's likely found a reason to get away by the shore for a few days!

Heather Valeri

About Heather Valeri

Happy wife and proud mother of 2 boys and 1 dog. Entrepreneur and marketing expert. Cub scout den leader and co-founder of Pack 323. I'm very passionate about children's causes and I strive to make a difference in the world. I am blessed to be naturally creative and artistic. Also known to be an obnoxious Red Sox fan. Love cooking, hiking, and crafting. Happiest on the beach with my family.

BJ Witkopf

About BJ Witkopf

Divorced dad of 2, live with my girlfriend with her 2 kids 41 years old and working hard to figure out every day as it comes. I am a hockey dad, soccer dad, dance dad, I help at school and taxi everyone everywhere. Some days are joy and some are way too hard. I am going to try to show both sides of this life. Originally from Buffalo, NY and have been in Charlotte for 10 years

Kelly Yale

About Kelly Yale

Kelly Yale has written for many parenting websites and wrote a weekly column for Charlotte Parent called...

Suzanne Zick

About Suzanne Zick

Wife and mom who loves cooking, horror movies, reading and trying new restaurants.

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