School search: What to look for in the early years

Many parents realize that the decisions they make regarding school choices early on in their child’s academic career can have a long lasting impact on the quality of her overall school experience.430_4125188

Certainly, a great deal has been written about the positive impact of optimal class size and student to teacher ratios.

Research also suggests that engaging young children in music, art, physical education, and creative play in junior kindergarten and kindergarten can translate into overall academic success in the future.

When looking at options for your child’s first school, consider these questions:

  • Does the school consider the developmental readiness of your child?
  • Does the school offer a science curriculum?
  • Does the school offer an arts curriculum?
  • What is the student to teacher ratio in the classroom?
  • Do the teachers have early childhood degrees and certifications?

Your child only gets one opportunity to build the academic and social foundations that will support him the rest of his life. It is essential that parents take a close look at their child’s school to determine if it is the best fit for his needs.



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Bill Diskin

Bill Diskin

Bill Diskin is Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Cannon School in Concord, NC.