Surviving Winter Mommy Blues

775_4138224While out Southern winter hasn’t been too bad, we can all find ourselves feeling a bit blue as the cold months drag along. While the kids are at school, we can find ourselves stuck in the same routines of errands, laundry and cleaning. Maybe it’s time to shake off the winter blues and get your groove back!

What can do for yourself when you start to feel a bit blue…

  1. While little ones are at school or napping, take a long, hot shower or bath. With no little head popping through the curtain to ask if it is okay to actually eat a play dough hot dog, you have a more than fifty percent chance at coming out with no shampoo in your eyes. And, dare we say it, shaving your legs may actually make you feel sexy!

  2. Meet a friend for lunch. Do not dine anywhere where crayons are offered. You are going to have the opportunity to talk with your friend and eat your own food (though you may get looks if you start cutting everything on your plate into tiny pieces). Plan a few dates, once a week for the month, so you will have things to look forward to!

  3. Go to a new, specialty grocery store. Walk around. Smell a cantaloupe. Wear your ipod so that it is just you and the task at hand. (Notice how no M&M bags have magically appeared in your cart? Alone time rules!)

  4. Plan dinner! Maybe you will find some inspiration for new dinners at the grocery store. You could always pull one of the 100+ recipes you have pinned on Pinterest but have not yet tried. Being stuck in your cooking rut is no fun and there are so many recipes to discover! (Keep your eye on Modern Parent in the coming weeks for some of our favorites!)

  5. Head to the gym. Take all the time you would like. There is no need to pack a bag for child watch or no fear that mid-stretch in Pilates, someone is going to come looking for you. Find a new class to inspire you.

  6. Sneak out to a movie. There is something that you have been dying to see and no one knows where you are. Treat yourself to a flick where no animals talk. You deserve it.

  7. 285_2779597Shop for some new clothes. When you are alone in the dressing room and there are not snacks flying and kids crawling under the changing room walls, it is a whole new ballgame.

  8. Get your nails done. Pick your own color. People are still talking about the pedicure where your toes featured the glittery blue shade that your child adored. If you can manage it, have a spray tan. Just a little golden glow can pick up your mood!

  9. Stop by the bookstore. Order a coffee and pick up a magazine. Find a nice, quiet chair and just lounge around. Do not attend story time under any circumstances. This is your time.

  10. Start planning your summer vacation. It’s time to think about beaches!! Give yourself something to really look forward to! If you can’t do that, drive up to one of the parks at the lake and spend the afternoon watching boats and soaking in the views.

When your child returns home from school or their face lights up when they see you from the steps of the bus, you will both have so much to share about your day. Being a refreshed parent can make all the difference in the world. Taking time for you is vital to being a good mom, so when you feel down, step away from the computer and find a way to get your happy on!

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Kelly Yale

Kelly Yale

Kelly Yale has written for many parenting websites and wrote a weekly column for Charlotte Parent called “Diva Mom” for many years. Kelly created Modern Parent in social media several years ago and is excited to relaunch a new Modern Parent website. When she isn’t working as the Marketing Director for a mortgage company, she plays wife to Matt and mom to Ryan & Josh in Charlotte, North Carolina.