Take More Field Trips! Tonight’s Musical at Blumenthal!

11021310_10152707278963441_3117638886492894377_oMonths ago, the girls’ music teacher sent an email asking if we’d like tickets to February’s Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I said “Absolutely!” and requested six tickets thinking my family of four and my parents would like to attend. Then came Blizzard 2015, a husband that was out of town and parents not able to make it. Insert several opportunities to cancel; however, I still wanted to attend and the girls had been looking forward to it and asking about it for weeks. So, amazingly, super last minute my friend and two of her kiddos were able to join us. Hooray for her husband that willingly parented the little twins at home while we rocked fancy and sophistication uptown style.

It was a special event for many reasons!
1. I hibernated throughout the snow day, so I was overjoyed to dress up and venture out of zip code 28105.
2. It reminded me of how many amazing opportunities we have in and around the city (back to getting out of zip code 28105).
3. All humans benefit from exposure to art and the diversity it brings. Just in our little section of the orchestra (yeah, that’s right we even got upgraded to orchestra seating!) the woman sitting next to my daughter’s friend–who had several decades of wisdom on the girls and me for that matter–would glance over with such a delightful smile and look in her eye…..sincerely. The two men in front of us cracked themselves up more than I usually laugh at a comedy, but hey, art is all about interpretation, right?

4. I couldn’t soak in enough of the girls’ mesmerized expressions throughout the show—responding to the lighting, the choreography, the giggles when the ladies were flung in the air and “underwear” was exposed, them making the correlation to Elvis, whispering if Joseph was dead and oh the bugging-out-of-the-eyes of the sheer beauty of the Dreamcoat pattern and colors expanding over the entire stage at the end.

5. We all were out and about on a school night (sweet timing being that we have another two hour delay tomorrow).

rBaylLsOUpon reflection, it reminded me to slow down from time to time and soak in all that is beautiful. To be childlike and explore, question and wonder! We’re naturals at that until we let life swallow us up. Come to think of it, I didn’t check my phone once, not even during intermission.

What’s of interest to you locally that you haven’t made set plans to go see, visit, explore? What are you waiting on? You know it’ll never be the ideal time, so I say, venture out of your zip code! It’s what life and memories are made of, right? Go on, take that field trip!

Shout out to Blumenthal: many thanks for your generosity shown to the families of Queens Grant Community School.

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Tara Perrotta Goodfellow

Tara Perrotta Goodfellow

Growing up in Florida, I ventured way up north to the Charlotte area for college. As an undergrad at Belmont Abbey, I met my husband who grew up in upstate New York......so, after college, we hunkered on down in Charlotte. That was well more than a decade ago. After several years in the land 'o corporate America, I retired with sweet 2 and 4 year old girls. Since then, I've launched a career consulting and life coaching firm, Athena Consultants. My girls are now 7 and 9, attend an awesome charter school, and all 3 of us are ninjas! That's right, goal is to earn my black belt by the time I'm forty (2016!) My husband travels a great deal so we embrace breakfast for dinner often and slumber party nights.