Three Amigos- Good Food, Good Service

10606146_814676901905520_1273589817818961227_nThree Amigos

Central Ave Location:

2917 A Central Ave,
Charlotte, NC, 28205
T: 704-536-1851


Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-10pm

Friday-Saturday 10:30am-11pm

Interesting Facts for Newbies: This little gem is tucked away in a small, sketchy looking strip near Plaza Midwood, but don’t let that deter you. The food is a-mmm-azing.  They also have a fast-food type sister restaurant, called Sabor, on Hawthorne.

Availability & Promptness
Rating: 4

I have been here several times, and only had to wait twice. There is no host stand or waiting area, and waitresses double as hostesses. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by three or four of them from behind the bar. A row of about six or seven booths line the wall to the right, and another few tables stand in the middle. I give it a four because, like I said, I almost never have to wait to sit down, but if I do, there is no place to stand but the parking lot.

Aesthetics & Cleanliness
Rating: 3

I wouldn’t go here for the aesthetics. It isn’t dirty, but it definitely isn’t pretty. The parking lot is tiny, and hard to maneuver. The bathroom is… functional. However, authentic Hispanic art hangs on the walls, music plays at a perfect volume, and there is usually a soccer game on when we go.

Courtesy & Professionalism
Rating: 5

The staff is wonderful. There are usually about 4 or 5 servers working, who also double as hosts, bussers, and food runners. They are always smiling, never have a bad attitude, and are very attentive. It is a casual place, so appearance is fitting.

Services & Amenities
Rating: 3

Three little metal tables, able to seat about two people each, are located on a thin sidewalk in front of the restaurant. I have never been tempted to sit there. There is also a bar with three or four spots available. But the tall, private, recently reupholstered booths are the best seats in the house.

Value & Affordability
Rating: 5

The food is a steal! The most expensive thing on the menu is the mixed fajitas, for $14.49. Most things are around $10, and the selection is huge. My fiancé’s favorite dish is the enchiladas verde with chicken. It comes covered in a fresh, cilantro flavored sauce, piled high with sour cream, chopped lettuce, and strips of avocado. I enjoy a variety of things, so I usually get a combination plate with a crispy steak taco and an enchilada covered in a tangy red sauce that may be the best thing there. They have a nice sized selection of meat to choose from for the create your own combos.  I tend to shy away from “cabeza” and tripe, but the beef, and shrimp are delicious. The complimentary chips and salsa are fresh, quickly refilled, and the salsa is addicting. I crave it.

Family Friendly
Rating: 3

The kids menu includes the basics- nuggets, tenders, a hot dog, a taco or a quesadilla for 4.95. They do not have any kind of juice or milk, so its water or soda. They don’t have any of the “extras” for kids- no coloring, play area, family bathroom or booster sets. But they do have high chairs, and kids eat free on Mondays.

Customer Service
Rating: 5

I have never had anything wrong with my service. The food is always exactly as I ask for it, the staff knows what to recommend and knows the specials. Food comes out fast, and the chips and salsa even faster.

Quality of Food
Rating: 5

This isn’t an upscale, fine dining establishment. It is an affordable, authentic, casual little Mexican joint. With that being said, the food is GOOD! My first time here was after spending a long hot summer day at Carowinds and I was famished. We came here because I was a hot mess and was not going to be seen in public, but also did have a drop of energy to cook. I ordered a large margarita, $5 on Fridays, and the enchiladas with tangy red sauce. I thought I had died and gone to foodie heaven when I tasted that sauce. I almost always have to get a to-go box because I eat at a snail’s pace and fill up quickly, but that day I was practically licking the last speck off the plate.

Overall Experience
Rating: 4

Love this place. It has become “our little spot” for a casual week night meal.


Monday- Kids eat free, $ 2.50 Coronas.

Tuesday- ½ Priced desserts, $2.50 Sol

Wednesday- ½ Priced Enchiladas from 2-6pm, $2.00 Dos Equis, ½ Priced tequila shots.

Thursday-  $7.99 All you can enchiladas, $2.50 Presidente

Friday- $5 Large House Margaritas

Saturday- $3 Modela, $4 Rum and Coke

Sunday- $9.99 Shrimp Cocktail, $2 Coronas, $1.50 Miller Lite

Recommendations: Enchiladas Verdes, Large house margarita



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Alyce Aiken

Alyce Aiken

Alyce Aiken is the mother of a charming, rambunctious five year old boy. When she is not taking care of him, she teaches English to her other 91 kids! Originally from Ohio, she has called Charlotte home for nine years now. She loves food, live music, red wine, good books and bad television.