What does your child’s school say about itself?

285_2928996What steps can you take to be sure your child is getting the most out of school?

How do you know if your child’s experiences at school are preparing him for a lifetime of learning and problem solving?

How can you be sure that your child’s school experience is preparing him appropriately for college and beyond?

Frankly, how do you know that the school your child attends is the right fit for him?

Below is the second of five key areas to consider as you assess whether your school is doing all it can to help your child be as engaged and successful as possible in his educational experience.


775_4452142Too often parents are so busy with work and other family matters that we really don’t get to know the place where our children spend 8-10 hours a day.

To ensure that your child is having a positive experience, get to know his teachers and his school. The more active a role you can play in your child’s education, the more likely he is to be successful.

The best schools are eager to talk with you about your child’s experience in school. Make periodic appointments to meet with teachers and school administrators. Volunteer as a member of the Parents Association. Take a tour of the school during the school day to see the teachers and students in action.  Ask to sit in on classes to observe – and keep notes about what you see.

Along the way, consider these essential questions:

  • What is the stated mission of the school?
  • According to the school, what are its strengths?
  • What is the school working to improve?
  • Are you encouraged to be an active partner in your child’s educational experience?
  • Is your child’s teacher available and eager to meet individually with him and/or with you?

Next week, we’ll consider what your child’s school expects of its students…


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Bill Diskin

Bill Diskin

Bill Diskin is Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Cannon School in Concord, NC.