Who We Are Welcome to Modern Parent!

We are so excited to launch this website that is dedicated to parents of all ages in Charlotte, North Carolina. This website has been a labor of love and took the creativity, love and time of many wonderful people to turn into a reality.

What we wanted was simple- a site that still remembered that parents don’t stop being parents once their children are over the age of three. If anything, parenting just gets more confusing once the kids are out of diapers. We wanted to be a place for young couples just finding out they are expecting to couples in their forties and fifties who are just finding out their children are expecting. After all, some of the best parenting advice we will ever get are from the people who have already been through it!

Modern Parent is a place for people who take the job of parenting seriously, but don’t take themselves seriously.

It’s a place where you can find your own voice through any of the thirty columnists who will be posting weekly. Our hope is that you will laugh, cry and nod your head as you read tales that only real parents can live through.

This is a community of parents coming together to support each other on this journey called parenthood. Technology can feel as though it is driving us apart, but we argue that in many ways, it gives us resources we never thought possible. You can be walking the floors with a 16 week old baby at 3am and stop to post a question about colic while another parent is posting about what to do when your 16 year old still hasn’t come home. That is the beauty of Modern Parent.

This is a site created by a team of parents for other parents. We promise, unlike other websites, we will never curtail our views or reviews based on advertising dollars. If our advertiser’s food is terrible and waitresses are rude, you are going to read that in a review. Likewise, if a product rocks our world, you will get to know that too. We ask that our advertisers allow you to get to know them on a scale never thought possible before. We ask that they share their story with you so we can continue building an amazing community here in Charlotte.

You may not agree with everything that you read. And that’s exactly what we expect. The parents featured on Modern Parent do not write nor speak for Modern Parent. They are sharing their journey. And you always have the right to ignore what you don’t agree with, or, if you can, learn something new from someone else. Do you have something to say? We would love to have you write for us! Send an email to our Contact Us and tell us a bit about you!

Modern Parent is more than just a website or an online magazine, it is a place we hope you will start to think of as the only resource you need. From articles and videos about the things you are interested in to shopping deals and celebrity gossip, we will eliminate your need to bounce from site to site. We encourage you to join the forums and jump into the conversations. You will be very glad that you did. We look forward to getting to know you better, bringing a bit more laughter to your day, relating to you locking yourself in the bathroom with your laptop just for five minutes alone and hearing your thoughts, stories and dreams for you children. This site is our gift to you.



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